Berkeley Community Safety Coalition



“We need a powerful sense of determination to banish the ugly blemish of racism scarring the image of America. We can, of course, try to temporize, negotiate small, inadequate changes and prolong the timetable of freedom in the hope that the narcotics of delay will dull the pain of progress. We can try,  but we shall certainly fail. The shape of the world will not permit us the luxury of gradualism and procrastination.”

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

George Floyd’s recent murder by police officers in broad daylight, and the killing of Breonna Taylor in her own home, has changed the consciousness of America and the world.

The ongoing killing of Black people by police, inequality in social determinants of health, and the imminent budget cuts caused by the Covid-19 disaster highlight the need to address long-standing inequities and disparities that primarily affect  Black and Brown people. These problems will never be solved by continually increasing police budgets and cutting money for social programs.

The Berkeley Community Safety Coalition (BCSC) is taking action to defund the police and reinvest in our communities. Join us to build a safe and secure future for Berkeley’s residents, including Black, Brown, and other marginalized communities.